Foxy Bingo celebrates 15th anniversary with personalised videos thanking players

Foxy Bingo celebrates 15th anniversary with personalised videos thanking players

Online gambling site Foxy Bingo worked with Idomoo to send individual personalised videos to existing customers thanking them for their loyalty.

Following the campaign, 88% of customers went on to redeem a reward offered by the brand.

Idomoo, specialists in fusing the power of video and data, has today revealed the success of its work with Foxy Bingo, one of the biggest names in the UK bingo market, to deliver cutting-edge, Personalised Video thanking and rewarding customers for their loyalty over the last 15 years. The success, which saw 88% of customers redeem the reward offered in the video, has led GVC Holdings to confirm it will roll out the marketing strategy with Gala Bingo and other brands in the group.

Launched in 2005, Foxy Bingo is celebrating its 15th anniversary and chose Idomoo to work with for its first time using Personalised Video as part of its engagement with customers. In a series of three campaigns from August to November, the brand worked with Idomoo to render Personalised Videos to their existing customers.

The campaign success saw GVC Holdings invest in an API integration between Idomoo and Qubit, the website experience provider, allowing for efficient and swift data upload and deployment of each unique video to its destined recipient across multiple platform, including in-app.

Each customer was greeted with a video that reflected their relationship with the brand so far and highlights to date, as well as recommendations on a new game to play based on their playing style and offering a reward to thank them for their loyalty. This ties in with the brand’s marketing strategy that already offers each customer a unique version on the website based on preference of games and style of play.

The campaign, which used Idomoo’s Personalized Video as a Service (PVaaS™), proved hugely successful:

  • 88% of customers that received the video went on to redeem the reward offered
  • 78% of customers that received the video watched it through to completion
  • 62% click-through rate

Maria Grigorova, Customer Experience Manager at GVC Groups said: “To mark our 15th anniversary, we wanted to really show our appreciation of customers and make sure we are continually delivering the best service for them, which means proving we understand who they are, what they like and what they want. Online gambling is a fiercely competitive market and we know that our customers have a choice on who to play with, so it was important to us to show we acknowledge that choice and are appreciative.

“We were really impressed with Idomoo’s platform that allowed us to create and send Personalised Videos out to customers and prove an increase in engagement. Initially we did a test to see if video would perform better than a static pop-up on the website with the same dynamic fields, and it out performed both on financial and engagement parameters. We were so happy with the results we are looking to roll out Personalised Videos across other brands within the group, exploring new ways we can engage on a deeper level with customers.”

Dotan Ginsbourg, General Manager EMEA, Idomoo, said: “In a fiercely competitive landscape, it’s important for companies like GVC Group and their brands to facilitate a “connection for good” with their customers. Not only does this demonstrate that they understand their customers but also that they are listening and providing a service to suit their needs and wants. Idomoo’s personalised videos leverage what brands know about customers to create unparalleled engagement at scale. We are thrilled with the results of this campaign and prove the power in reflecting individuality through engaging video that drives positive behaviour back to the brand.”