Yieldify and Klaviyo offer retailers personalised SMS and email marketing

Marketing technology firms Yieldify and Klaviyo have struck a new advanced integration and partnership to help ecommerce companies drive industry leading performance from their email and SMS marketing.

The new advanced email personalization integration leverages the advanced on site personalization and lead capture capabilities of Yieldify with Klaviyo’s award winning email marketing and SMS platform.

Initial research conducted by Klaviyo reveals that this advanced email personalization integration decreases unsubscribe rates by 50% on average, and increases email revenue by 3X per recipient.

Rich Gardner, Vice President of Global Strategic Partnerships at Klaviyo, said: “Together, Klaviyo and Yieldify help brands generate lasting value through data that drives stronger customer relationships.” Yieldify’s personalization capabilities allow marketers to deliver hyper relevant email and SMS messages through Klaviyo’s technology based on contextual data from these visitors’ journeys such as session behavior, cart contents and pages visited.

The new advanced email personalization integration has increased opt in rates by more than 15% and 3X more revenue per recipient. Waleed Al-Atraqchi, Chief Executive Officer at Yieldify, commented: “This integration empowers Yieldify and Klaviyo clients to connect the data journey between website and user profile – a crucial step in creating a more holistic picture of a user for more relevant, successful communication.”

This partnership now allows marketers to increase the size of their email and SMS databases, with highly engaged subscribers and enriched Klaviyo profiles. With no coding or development work required, this new advanced email personalization integration changes the way that marketers can speak to email or SMS subscribers moving forward.

BusBud, a leading travel website specializing in intercity bus travel, was one of the first to use the new integration, achieving a 40% increase in email revenue as a result. Richard Cohene, CMO, said: “By leveraging our on-site personalization campaigns from Yieldify and Klaviyo’s email marketing capabilities together, we have been able to not only grow our CRM but see better results from it. We look forward to continuing this success with the help of both partners.”

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