Contentsquare acquires Dareboost to ‘solve revenue-killing errors’

Contentsquare acquires Dareboost to 'solve revenue-killing errors'

The acquisition will enable businesses to increase customer engagement across their digital properties and recover millions in lost revenue from technical errors on their websites, with core capabilities including web performance monitoring and scoring, error reporting and benchmarking.

Web performance is a critical part of digital customer experience in 2020. In fact, research has shown that a 100-millisecond delay in web load time can make conversion rates drop by 7%, while a 2-second delay in page load time will more than double the bounce rate.

Dareboost’s web performance technology will add critical capabilities to the new Find & Fix product, which enhances Contentsquare’s solution.

Founded in 2014, Dareboost was designed to help digital teams improve their understanding of web performance issues through synthetic monitoring, website quality analysis and benchmarks. The company today counts over 400 enterprise customers, including American Express, BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Domino’s Pizza and Rightmove.

With the integration of the Dareboost technology into its new Find & Fix product, Contentsquare breaks silos between Marketing teams, IT teams and the rest of the business — and solidifies its global leadership position as the only experience analytics platform to offer a complete set of capabilities across the sales funnel.

Commenting on the news, Jonathan Cherki, CEO at Contentsquare said: “We’re continuing to accelerate our innovation, both organically with R&D and through acquisitions like Dareboost, which is a key part of our new Find & Fix solution. Digital performance is a key part of the customer experience equation. By providing our customers and partners with the tools to fully understand user behavior online and improve their site performance from a technical perspective, we are empowering businesses with the insights they need to deliver fully optimized online experiences.”

David Spitz, Senior Manager – Personal Loans, Digital Customer Experience at Discover Financial Services, added: “At Discover Financial Services we strive to identify, troubleshoot and close out issues as quickly as possible. It’s a process that ends up being time-consuming, reactive, and manual. Contentsquare’s new Find & Fix product will automate and simplify our web performance monitoring – saving our team valuable time and reducing friction within our digital customer experience.”

This latest news shows continued momentum in investments for the digital experience analytics platform. This is Contentsquare’s fourth acquisition in less than 18 months, following the acquisitions of Clicktale, Pricing Assistant, and accessibility technology Adapt My Web.

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