Virals of the year: Kia takes Melissa McCarthy on “Hero’s Journey”

Car maker Kia created an interactive slapstick ad to promote its Niro range at this year’s Super Bowl, starring Melissa McCarthy.

The ad features McCarthy starring as a hapless eco-warrior and promotes the new Kia Niro’s record-setting fuel economy with a series of perilous situations in which McCarthy responds to the call to save the planet.

She braves the open ocean to save the whales, climbs high into the treetops to save the forest, heads to the Antarctic to save the ice caps, and runs in the African savannah to sort the endangered rhinoceros.

“It’s hard to be an eco-warrior, but it’s easy to drive like one”. During the big game consumers engaging with the interactive NiroBot for Messenger had the opportunity to win MPGs (“Melissa’s Precious Gear”), including more than 40 props and assorted items from the set of the commercial.