Trivia app QuizUp becomes TV gameshow on NBC

Popular trivia app Quiz Up is being turned into a primetime TV show in the US, pitching viewers against studio contestants.

Since its launch, the app the that has earned its scored its creator more than $22 million in venture capital funding after a stratospherically successful launch in 2013, has now partnerd with US network NBC.

The new show, called QuizUp America, will pit TV contestants against viewers at home who have qualified using the app, making both sides answer head-to-head questions.

The original app lets players challenge others’ knowledge on a huge array of subjects both broad (like “science”) and very specific (like “Nintendo 64 games”).

The new TV show will maintain this structure by having an in-studio contestant compete in eight rounds against eight different players at home, each based around a different topic.

The contestant can win up to $1 million, and the people at home can win some smaller amount based on whichever round they competed in.