EE offers 4G Euro pass for £3 a day

EE has introduced a new Euro Pass for travellers, giving 4GEE Extra customers a bundle of data, texts and calls while on the continent for £3 a day.

Those signing up for the pass get unlimited calls and texts plus 100MB of superfast 4G data each day. If the 100MB is exceeded – which will be easily done, as it isn’t much – the network will provide a further 400MB of 3G data.

There’s no risk of using more than the allotted amount of data, as the internet will cut off immediately when the limit has been reached. If you’re not a 4GEE Extra customer, however, you will have to pay a little more for the plan – £4 a day instead of £3.

The Euro Pass is available in 39 European destinations by texting EURODATA or EUROPASS to 150. The charge for the text will be deducted automatically, and customers are free to start using their minutes and data.

The Euro Pass will only be available for a short time as all roaming charges are set to be scrapped within the European Union from June 2017 following new legislation finalised earlier this year.

There will also be a 14 month interim period from April 2016 where customers on all networks will be able to access their allowances abroad at reduced rates.