Sex.Com domain sold for £8m

The highly-prized domain name has been sold for over £8m by its bankrupt owner

The domain was bought by Clover Holdings Ltd, a little-known company registered in the Caribbean. It is not clear what Clover Holdings plans to do with the web address.
The address was first registered in 1994 by a dating website founder.
It was then aquired by California-based Escom LLC in 2006, where it hosted horoscopes, articles and classifieds adverts.
But in March it filed for bankruptcy and agreed with its creditors that it would auction off the name.
Escom paid £8.9m to buy the address from Gary Kremen, the founder of the dating website who had registered the domain name in 1994.
Mr Kremen had fought a lengthy court battle to regain control of the address after fraudster Stephen Cohen used forged documents to gain control of the site in 1995.
The saga became the subject of a book,, which tracked the 12-year fight between the two men that ended in the imprisonment of Cohen.
It might be the most notorious, but is topped on the value stakes by, which was bought in 2009 for £10.2m. sold for £6.3m in 2008, attracted a bid of £6m in 2007 and £4.8m was paid for in 2006.