Sony to launch first ‘Google TV’ set in October

Sony is to unveil what it bills as “the world’s first internet television” on 12 October in New York, with built in support for Google’s much anticipated TV service.

Running on the Android operating system, the TV will also support third party apps. Technology site Electronista adds that the device will have a full Chrome browser and Flash support.
Google TV is a software platform for set-top boxes and HDTVs (high definition televisions) co-developed by Google, Intel, Sony and Logitech.
The project was officially announced by Google and its partners in May this year.
Using a “special universal remote”, a search bar will pop up on top of the TV screen. Searching for the show “House,” for example, will show you the next time the show is on TV, allowing you to program it to your DVR.
It will also display results from the Web. Search returns will also provide Internet options – if there are no scheduled airings of “House,” users can switch to streaming episodes available on Amazon or Hulu.
One of the more interesting features is the ability to use your Android-based phone as a remote, and to speak your commands. Pairing the phone to Google TV over Wi-Fi, users can talk into the phone and get results on the TV screen. Multiple phones can be used at the same time, and users can send content from their phones to the TV.
Google TV will launch in the UK next year.
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