Customers guaranteed same day delivery

The service, called ‘NowNowNow’ offers customers the choice of three different delivery windows up to 10pm that day as long as you order by 3pm. However, the customer still has to subsidise the service with an 8.50 charge for the service, which is only available in the M25 area – although it will be rolled out nationally soon.

Aimed at companies as well as consumers, the service comes at a time with many e-commerce service are being let down by their fulfillment operations.

IForce claims its service will not only lead to happy customers, and therefore loyal customers, but also higher spending. Fulfillment is naturally at the root of customer service, and teaming up with catalogue retailers who, already having established systems and home delivery networks in place, could be perfect partners for online retailers. The City clearly thinks so. This week, shares in N Brown, the direct mail order group, rose by more than 95% since it announced plans to offer online fulfillment services.

iForce provides QXL a number of e-commerce services, such as warehousing, stock management, returns handling and support services.